After the first training on Marketing Basics – How to Have the Right Strategic Market Approach we dedicated our second training to introducing you to the world of digital marketing.

The current digital era has quickly changed our everyday life and is impacting every aspect of marketing. With communication and promotional actions being so obvious through platforms like Social media, Google Adwords or Youtube, digital means also reshaping the customers’ experiences and expectations. Banks and the financial sector in general, have understood this as they are already tackling the trends in digital marketing, but we believe that they are still progressing at a slower pace.

Thanks to their flexibility in size and minds, fintech-ers have already the great agility to infuse the digital trends in their marketing approach.

The training Introduction to Digital Marketing – Overview & Best Practices for your FinTech was aimed at giving a clear overview of the latest digital trends in marketing while offering some great inspiration for fintech entrepreneurs and startups to boost their online visibility.

The agenda was the following :

  • Marketing in a digital world
    • The consumer journey in a digital world;
    • Evolution of the consumers’ needs;
    • The marketing mix goes digital;
  • Characteristics of digital marketing
    • Content is key;
    • Collecting data to measure results;
    • Automate your actions;
  • Overview of the different digital channels and their distinctive traits
    • Website;
    • Blogging;
    • Social Media;
    • Apps;
    • Emailing;
    • Search Advertising;
    • Display Advertising;
  • Setting up your own digital marketing strategy
    • Define your objective(s);
    • Allocate a budget;
    • Try, fail and adjust.

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