Discover today how 1001 PACT was born in Belgium and find out the future ambitions of Lionel Slusny, Country Manager of 1001 PACT.

Our series of fintech storytelling continues and in this video, Luc Vanhecke, Business Manager of AcceptEmail, explains you the unique solutions to each marketing issue and how the company stands out on the fintech market

Luc Vanhecke, Business Manager of AcceptEmail and graduate of Solvay Business School, shares his rich experience in banking technology and payments on our episode today.

Building and maintaining trust among potential customers seems to be not that easy as we thought in our digital times. Finding the right people to work with and creating new networks also takes time. Find out what the fintech entrepreneurs have a say about these challenges from their own experiences.

Do you feel like you don’t measure enough the result you get? How about the provision of the right value content to your customers? Is time management another issue you are dealing with on a daily basis?
Find out what the fintech entrepreneurs have a say about these mistakes from their own experiences.

What should we expect from the fintech industry in the next 5 years? Check out what our experts have to say about this!

Our series of fintech storytelling project continues with a new episode on how to deal with marketing challenges when running a Fintech startup.

A proper customer-centric design strategy followed by flexibility is key for fintech startups! Today, a selective business approach means targeting a profitable niche at low capitals and building smart global cooperation rather than dealing with local competition.

Discover more from Benjamin Beeckmans, Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management and Founding Member of B-Hive.

Do you aspire to become a FinTech entrepreneur? Get some marketing inspiration from Sinouhe Monteiro, the Co-Founder of EWALA, a recognized provider of prepaid mobile phone recharging services.

Discover the story of the first digital insurance broker in Belgium!

Sinouhe Monteiro, one of the Co-Founders of Ewala – the mobile recharging service of trust – talks about what inspired him to create the startup. Ewala is one of the winners of Microsoft Innovation Centers’ Boostcamp and nominated in top 50 startups by Trends Tendance.

Matthieu Remy, the CEO & Founder of the Belgian FinTech startup Easyvest, is sharing with you today different marketing approaches in determining the buyer persona in Fintech sector as well as the key factors that contribute to the brand positioning statement and ultimately to the formulation of a successful customer acquisition strategy.

Olivier Delens, Ibanity’s Co-Founder is keen to share with you his startup story and how the unique cloud service offering can get any bank ready for PSD2.

For more information about Ibanity, check their website:

Meet Matthieu Remy, the CEO & Founder of the Belgian Fintech startup Easyvest! His mission is to provide online financial advice to all his customers and help them grow their hard-earned money in a smart, simple, personalized, low-cost, and educative way.

For more information about Easyvest, check their website.

In this trailer, Jean-Pierre Baeyens, Professor at Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management and Founder of SPICE UP Strategy, introduces you to series of short upcoming interviews in which you will discover the Fintech industry from the eyes of entrepreneurs and experts in the field.

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