Our first training, Marketing Basics: How to have the right strategic market approach, which took place on February 6th, 2017 at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, was a real success!

The event was dedicated to young fintech entrepreneurs and anyone who is working in the financial sector, with a strong interest in marketing issues and desire to develop a business strategy by answering their customers’ needs.

We want to thank all the participants who actively engaged in fruitful conversations about the most common issues faced by fintech startups that want to differentiate themselves in the financial market. Your ideas and thoughts lead the discussions to the next level. We also want to thank Xavier Clabots, our Trainer and Marketing Expert who has a strong experience in consultancy, being also a Product Manager in the field of financial services.

Our scope was to provide you with a set of key strategic tools and insights to help you in building a marketing strategy, having an integrated approach regarding the way you can create an attractive and competitive analysis of your business as well as having an effective approach in the strategic decision-making process.

Our agenda consisted of the following points of discussion:

  • Which part of marketing is visible? What are we exposed to?
  • A coherent marketing approach:
    • Question 1. Is our marketing strategy based on a solid analysis, practical decision-making models, and good approach?
  • A solid attractiveness analysis; markets and segments:
    • Question 2. Did we answer the relevant questions about markets and segmentation?
  • Competitiveness analysis:
    • Question 3. Did we answer the relevant questions about our strengths and weaknesses towards competition?
  • Solid strategic decisions:
    • Question 4. Did we make a clear and relevant choice about our differentiation strategy?
    • Question 5. Have we made a clear and relevant choice about targeting?
    • Question 6. Did we build a convincing brand positioning?

The key takeaways of the training:

  • Understand your customers’ needs;
  • Keep in mind the type of customer you want to share your services with;
  • Segmentation is key;
  • Analyze the potential added value of being the first mover;
  • Always useful to understand the key concepts of the blue ocean strategy;
  • Brand positioning and communication tactics are crucial;
  • Pricing strategy is a complex topic : cost vs value based pricing;
  • Invest in the culture of your company;
  • In the end….do things differently and keep it simple.


Should you have any questions about future trainings, project collaborations and partnerships, check here our contact details and we will respond to you as soon as possible.