Curious about what we do?

Our team provides you with:

  • A series of interactive marketing trainings – we care about your business and we know how much you want to gain visibility on the market and to win your customers’ trust
  • A group of experienced, open-minded professionals and creative academics who are recognized as consultants and mentors in their field
  • Concrete and innovative solutions to your problems, marketing strategies and methods that are designed to reach your ultimate marketing goals.

To whom we address?

We dedicate our events to young, experienced fintech entrepreneurs and passionate students:

  • interactive trainings and workshops
  • FinTech Days
  • Business Games
  • Webinars
  • Private consultancies

We care about our students!

We want to build awareness among students who:

  • are passionate about marketing and finance
  • want to understand the mechanisms of implementing different marketing principles
  • enjoy fintech business games
  • want to have the chance to be challenged
  • want to make use of their theoretical knowledge
  • want to transpose their vision and creative ideas into viable solutions.